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The Company That Counts is your virtual finance manager. We help small businesses with their finances, by providing cloud-based, real-time bookkeeping services to a high standard. For us, speed is secondary to quality!

The more detailed your bookkeeping is, the more realistic the insight of your business finances will be, and the better decisions you will be able to make.

Our aim is to focus on a small number of clients, delivering a high level of detail. This allows us to be approachable!

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Yes! We do bookkeeping mindfully.

We keep our five senses alert:

  • Making sure that you don’t miss any invoices to clients
  • Looking for errors in your supplier invoices
  • Looking for duplicate or missing payments
  • The list could go on…

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to pay extra or not get paid what you are owed. Everything adds up! As a client recently said to us, “I want you as my finance manager because you care”.

The moment you sign up with us, we become part of your team and we work alongside you, to help you grow your business.

Thanks to today’s technology, our virtual services are just like having us in your office sitting next to you!

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Sound familiar?

We love tidiness, and we believe in keeping all your invoices, receipts and all those annoying little scraps of paper under control. Think of us as your magic tidiness fairies…

  1. This helps you know where you are at with your finances. (*It’s amazing what headspace can feel like when you have us on your team!)
  2. This also shows you where your business is heading. (*We shine a bright light on the positives and the not-so-positive aspects of your planning)
  3. This frees up your focus on what you are best at, so that you can grow your business! (*What defines us, is organisation and thoroughness)

We think that tidiness is basic to accuracy and thoroughness takes care of the details. You probably don’t always have time to look at the details, right?

The more detailed your bookkeeping is, the more information you get.

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an image is worth a thousand words


The times have long gone when the reports would arrive in the form of never ending lists of numbers and unintelligible words.

(See how long that sentence was just now?!).


Now, how much more impact does this image have?

Once we have crunched your numbers, we can show you in visual form many aspects of your business. From where you make profit, to your leakiest holes!


Meet the Team

We are the answer to your prayers 🙂  We have joined forces and formed a team of someone who loves organisation (“Everything has its place” is her motto) and someone who would find crunching numbers on a spreadsheet on a Friday night fun! Wanna know who these nerdy people are??


Eva Busquier
Finance Manager
"Live while you work and work while you live" is my mantra. Enjoy every single moment! Your work does not have to be dreary. I love watching just how much of an impact cloud-based technologies have on improving my clients' lives! I have over 15 years experience as a Bookkeeper and Management Accountant in two countries and in a wide range of sectors. For the last 4 years I have specialised in cloud-based accounting. It's a new era!
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Natalia Busquier
I pick up my laptop, get my teeth stuck in and get my clients so organised that they can not believe how they lived without me! I love humour, smiling, adventure, and building strong bonds with people. With a degree in Administration and Finances, I consider myself a “tidiness freak”. My biggest aim while working with a client is to turn their finances around and make the most of them.
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