As you know, a good business must have a positive cashflow in order to flourish. Yet sometimes we are so busy serving clients, we do not have the eye on what is really going on with the business!


The possibility to see weeks, months and even years of cashflow projection, added to the ability to compare your base cashflow with several different scenarios, can drastically change your business profitability.


Helping YOU

An accurate Cashflow Report will help you boost efficiency and run your business better than ever before:

  • Know what your incomings and outgoings are.
  • Decide what can be paid and when. Whether you need to postpone or negotiate a payment to a supplier, and what the final cash and bank position will be after all expected payments have happened.
  • Decide whether you need to arrange a loan, or whether an existing loan can be repaid in advance, saving interest.



A good way to help decide what actions to take, is by comparing a cashflow forecast against a scenario.

For example, how would it affect the cash position if you hire a new employee? If this employee is a sales person, how would hiring them affect the cash position, considering the extra sales that they would bring in?

Our Cashflow Forecast service provides the creation of up to ten different scenarios.


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