Our plan for you

You have started a small business and you have been running all the areas yourself: sales, marketing, finances, IT, cleaning, admin… We get it! I am a bookkeeper and I am doing this website myself 🙂

Now that your business is growing, you feel that you could do with some help so you can spend more time doing what you are best at.

Our plan to help you depends on where your business is and what you need.

Are you a new business and don’t have a system at all?

Have you got a system that you have been running for a while, and you are at a point where it needs a health check and some recommendations?

Are you looking for a professional bookkeeper to do your bookkeeping for you?

We set up your new bookkeeping system in Xero and train you to use it efficiently

We audit your Xero bookkeeping system and give you some tips


We do your bookkeeping for you